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Plancha a vapor para ropa, limpiador a vapor eléctrico para el hogar.

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Plancha a vapor para ropa, limpiador a vapor eléctrico para el hogar.


Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Power (W): 40w

Voltage (V): 110-240V

Origin: Mainland China

Temperature Gear: Two tranches thermostat

Classification: Steam brush

Support: No

Supports Anti Dry Burning: Yes

Water Tank Capacity (l): <0.8L

Model Number: MIJIA Garment Steamer iron

Power (W): 33w

Key words: Garment steamer

Key words1: home appliance

Key words2: iron

Key words3: Steam iron

Key words4: steam iron clothes

Key words5: clothes iron

Key words6: steam iron for clothes

Key words7: mijia

Key words8: cloth dryer

Key words9: Ironing board

Key words10: laundry dryer

Temperature Gear: Two tranches thermostat

Handheld Garment Steamer

Quick wrinkle removal

Home I Travel

Accompany you to iron your clothes

Good things in hand

Beauty is important every moment

  • Flat iron Hanging

  • One-click spray mist

  • Borderless large panel

  • Rapid heating up

  • Visual water tank

  • Don't pick clothes

Handheld Garment Steamer

Fresh colors that young people love

A touch of bright color embellishes the plain life

Full of mist and water, strong penetration

Clothing fibers quickly iron wrinkles

Titanium large panel

Hot ironing does not hurt the quality of clothes

Visual water tank

A large 50ml water tank, once filled up, can be ironed into a set of out-of-the-box outfits

One-click spray fog

One-key control to spray water mist, full mist and strona penetration

Flat hanging two in one

Meet the needs of different conditions

Flatten as soon as you iron it

Triangular tip design

Even small folds such as shirt buttons, collarscorners, etc. can be easily ironed

High temperature hot ironing

There is no trace of wrinkles in an instant

Meticulous and not picking clothes

Applicable format fabric

Four seasons clothes, one machine ironing

The wardrobe is always bright, and it is more elegant and decent to go out

silk / nylon / fiber / wooI / linen / Cotton cloth

Compact body

Go if you want

Business trip/travel, storage does not take up space


  • 01-Titanium large panel - Rapld and unlform thermal conductlvlty

  • 02-One-click spray mist - Full of mlst and water, strong penetratlon

  • 03-Visualization of large water tanks - Large 50ML water tank

  • 04-1.8m power cord - lroning ls more free and flexlble


  • Product model: GT-01

  • Current: 150mA

  • Rated power: 33w

  • Rated frequency: 50Hz

  • Rated voltage: 220V~

  • Wire length: 180cm

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